How to: Have a Secretly Educational March Break in Halifax


A T-Rex Named Sue in Chicago - Click Image for Source - Copyright the Field Museum Chicago

So, you’re looking to get away with your family for March Break this year, and fit in some kind of educational merit without the kids really knowing.  You’re in luck! Turns out Halifax is bursting with fun, engaging and (secretly) enlightening activities for the whole family.

Pre-Historic Fun

First up is the most exciting and colossal of them all: A T-Rex Named Sue exhibit will be at the Museum of Natural History through until early May. This is the perfect time to plan a getaway to Halifax and pack your children’s heads full of knowledge on the prehistoric times and how the discovery of Sue’s bones came to be! Sue is a 90% complete T-Rex skeleton, the most complete on the planet, and she’s made her first ever Canadian stop here in Halifax. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view Sue, who belongs to the Field Museum in Chicago, and is on tour like a rock star all over the world for at least the next few years. Sue is even on Twitter!

Great news: the Museum of Natural History happens to be literally steps away from Atlantica Hotel Halifax. We have put together a March Break package including up to four passes to the Museum to be used, a super fun kids’ check-in, map of adventurous activities around Halifax, post-skate hot chocolate for the whole family (since the skating oval is just across the street) and of course breakfast and parking. Sue the T-Rex is less than a 10 minute walk away, or only two minutes in T-Rex steps. Visit our website or call us to book our Atlantica March Adventure Package today!

Play Smart

Up next is a super fun exhibit at the Discovery Centre called Play.  This is a prime example of tricking your kids into doing something intellectual. Although the concept seems simple – you get to play a whole bunch of traditional games, some life-sized – it is actually way more complicated than that. While you engage with the exhibit you will, according to their website, “explore theories of science and art in the dynamics of human interaction.” Whoa, sounds awesome to me, like an ideal way to broaden your kids’ ways of thinking about and looking at interactions with others. Yay for sneaking in science!


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Sail Around the World

You can also give your kids a Passport to Adventure at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic this March Break.  This interactive program offers mass appeal to kids and adults of all ages; learn new skills and traditions about life at sea and sail away as a family around the globe on a seafaring adventure! Everyone is encouraged to dress in their “seafaring gear” for this – I foresee many little pirates and buccaneers! There are also other daily activities at the museum, see their website for details.

Busy Day at the Oval

Lace Up

 Are your kids excited about skating on the Canada Games oval this March break? Secretly fill their brains with history and knowledge about our country’s love affair with skating! Pier 21 is featuring an exhibit about just that; Lace Up: Canada’s Passion for Skating will be on until March 27th and is the perfect follow up to that day of skating (and hot chocolate at Atlantica). According to Pier 21 the exhibit “explores the history and importance of skating in Canada and gives a glimpse of three major ice sports: figure skating, speed skating and hockey”. This exhibit was shown in downtown Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics. Sounds like something everyone would enjoy!

Lots to See and Do

Of course the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia will also be open with several exhibits over the March break period; check out their website for more information.

Looks like there is lots to see and do in Halifax this March, especially if you’re looking to fit in a bit of learning for both kids and parents. Pack up the car and head here for your secretly educational March Break!

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