Summer’s (Almost) Over: Bring on the Harvest

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Sadly, the summer in Nova Scotia is drawing to an end. That’s not to say that we won’t have many more beautiful, sunny and warm days during the autumn, we usually do, but… let’s not be in denial here, summer will soon be officially over.

While that may make many people sad, and a part of me is sad too, the end of summer also means that one of my absolute favourite times of the year is upon us: the Nova Scotia harvest.

The Best Time to Visit

Talk about a great time to visit our province! Whenever I offer advice to people planning a trip to Nova Scotia I recommend the early autumn. Not only are there numerous beautiful driving routes, surrounded by vibrantly coloured trees, there is a whole other added element: taking advantage of our harvest time. Several summer fruits and vegetables are still available at the farm markets, and numerous new autumn vegetables are introduced. There’s more variety this time of the year than any other, in Nova Scotia.

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With the movement to support local farms going strong in Nova Scotia, it is a great time to visit us and see what our harvest time is all about. I would personally suggest the following itinerary: visit the Annapolis Valley and see the farms firsthand. Decide on some of your favourites; there’s everything from cheese houses, goat farms, blueberry fields, U-Pick apples to large farm market stores located right on site. Then head back into Halifax and inquire which restaurants are using these local suppliers. Obviously their food is going to have the most flavour – with a majority of ingredients in season, and coming from only 40 minutes outside the city. Our very own restaurant, Seasons by Atlantica, has an extensive list of local suppliers, a practice that Executive Chef Luis Clavel takes very seriously.

Tasty Technology

Of course there are many other farms and local food suppliers to check out, in other regions of the province. A great tool is actually the Taste of Nova Scotia smart phone app, while you’re out exploring our great province, you can login and search by your location as to what Taste members are nearby. You can search specifically by type, if say you’re looking for a winery, or a smokehouse.

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Celebrate With Us!

The fall harvest is such a glorious time in Nova Scotia, not only for tourists and foodies, but for wine lovers as well. It’s SO great that we hold a festival every year, just to celebrate this time and what it means for the wine industry, one that is growing in quality and reputation (and awards), I might add. If you’re visiting Nova Scotia during mid-September to mid-October I would highly recommend checking out the Nova Scotia Fall Wine Festival. They make it easy for you, there are events going on all over the province at many different venues, so that everyone can be a part of it.

Check out the website for the full schedule and locations. If you can get to some of the actual winery events, it is so worth it, and the iron chef competition is also something worth getting to!

Well, there it is, just another blog post about why this time of year is ideal for visiting Halifax! I know, I say that about every season (almost)… but this one really is my favourite.


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