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Art Imitating… Hotel?

The upcoming Nocturne: Art at Night festival in Halifax marks a first for our hotel. On October 15th, our restaurant Seasons by Atlantica will transform into a musical art installation. The piece is by local artist and musician Lisa Lipton. The hotel hasn’t become living art before, and we’re pretty excited about it.

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A Bit of Art History

I started looking into the idea of nighttime art festivals. It seems one of the originals is the Night of the Arts festival that started in Helsinki in 1989. They held their 23rd annual festival this past August in cities across Finland.

Now there are several “White Night” festivals all over the world, one of the more well-known is Nuit Blanche, in Paris, which celebrated their 10th year of the festival on October 1st. The translation from French is “Sleepless Night”, “White Night” or “All-Nighter”.

Nuit Blanche featured around thirty artists this year, coming from all over the world, including Canada. According to their website, their aim is and always has been to bring together artists and the audience.

In 2006, Toronto started their own nighttime art festival, the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. While the concept was new to Toronto that year, 425 000 people participated, and the festival has continued to grow in both attendance and art installations.

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A Sleepless Halifax Night

Here in Halifax, Nocturne is back for its fourth year. According to the show’s chair Rose Zack, the festival has been extremely well-received, and attendance has grown each year.

The festival is completely free, and will take place on the streets of Halifax from 6pm – midnight this Saturday night, October 15th. The show features live visual art at various venues across the city, some will be unlike anything you’ve seen before. Some pieces integrate music, lighting, and live performance.

Why a nighttime art festival in Halifax? Nocturne’s website outlines their mandate: “To execute an annual event that highlights the existing arts community in the Halifax area that serves both the residents of the HRM and tourists.” We think that Nocturne truly is a unique and important event in Halifax, and we’re happy that our hotel, our guests and our employees will get to have this experience.

Plan Your Night

Check out the website for information on the installations, the art zones, and how to plan your night. If you have a smartphone, be sure to download the Nocturne app! Just follow the “Available on the App Store” link.

We hope to see you at Seasons for Lisa Lipton’s musical lounge installation!

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