Getting in the Holiday Spirit: How Early is TOO Early?

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On the first weekend of November, I attended a Christmas craft fair in Halifax… it got me to thinking about just how early the “holidays” can really start. Although I enjoyed looking at the festive goodies at the fair, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy any gifts for this year, yet. It felt too early. But how early is too early? I know lots of people who begin Christmas gift shopping long before the first weekend of November.

Generally, as a rule, I’ve always thought you shouldn’t start decorating until after Remembrance Day. But, some people start immediately after Halloween. When I visited the grocery store on Halloween DAY, there was all the bright and shiny holiday wrapping paper and decorations; they had completely taken over the seasonal section already!

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Halifax Holidays

Let’s look at a timeline of the festive activities in Halifax, to give us an idea of when, officially, the “holidays” begin in HRM.


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Of course there are tons more holiday activities going on in HRM this season. It looks to me like it really starts to pick up around November 19th, the same weekend as the Parade of Lights. I think this is a reasonable time. Notice the tree lighting isn’t until the 26th. About a month away from Christmas I usually start to feel the pressure to shop!

When Do YOU Get in the Holiday Spirit?

Let me know in the comments section when you think it’s acceptable to begin the holiday season! Or post it on our Facebook or Twitter!

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