Keep it Local on Mother’s Day

Flowers for Mom (source: Props Floral

It seems like Mother’s Day is a holiday when most people don’t stray much from tradition. Moms across the country wake up expecting breakfast in bed or an extravagant Mother’s Day Brunch out on the town, chocolate, flowers, jewelry, or maybe something homemade by the kids, such as a craft or card.

Here in Halifax, you can treat mom to any of these traditional gift ideas – and keep it local at the same time! Here’s how…


Our city is home to many talented floral designers. If you want to wow mom with something really elegant and creative, head downtown to locally-owned Props or My Mother’s Bloomers. Friendly staff members at either place will help design in advance what kind of floral piece is perfect for mom, or have on-the-go pieces ready to pick up the day of.


Inkwell Boutique (photo source:

Don’t settle for mass greeting cards when we have beautiful, hand crafted designs available right here in Halifax. Head to the Seaport Farmers’ Market to browse through several stalls offering artisan cards, visit Halifax favourite Duly Noted, or hit up the popular Inkwell Boutique on Market Street to either grab a handmade card or materials to make one yourself.


One of my favourite Mother’s Day traditions: having a wonderful, extravagant, delicious feast for brunch. While there are many brunches to choose from in our fine city, we truly believe that the brunch buffet Executive Chef Luis Clavel has dreamed up this year beats them all. This year we’re donating $2 from every brunch to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Make reservations at Seasons by Atlantica soon to avoid disappointment! Want to get out of the city? Head to beautiful oceanside Atlantica Hotel & Marina Oak Island, on the south shore, to enjoy brunch with mom.

Chocolates or Sweets

Scanway Sweets (photo source: Taste of Nova Scotia)

Don’t even think about buying mom a boring box of chocolates made in some factory far away. There are chocolateers and pastry chefs in Halifax who are making world class chocolates and sweets as we speak! Visit our neighbour, the famous Scanway Pastry & Cake Shop on Quinpool and order decadent macarons, or an artisan cake. Head to the Seaport Farmers’ Market and visit Gourmandises Avenue booth to hand-pick your own collection of chocolates for mom. Or, check out the chocolates from Sweet Spot Chocolate Shop, in Elmsdale, or available at various locations around Halifax.


Photo Source:

You don’t need to spend a fortune to surprise mom with beautiful jewellery on her special day. Again, for this I would recommend heading to the Seaport Farmers’ Market, where there is a selection of locally-made, unique jewellery, both affordable and extravagant. If you want to go the more conventional route, check out locally-owned jewellery stores like FireWorks Gallery, Touch of Gold, or The Vault.

The Spa

Looking to treat mom to a relaxing spa day? There are a ton in the city to choose from. You could also head down to the south shore for a mother-daughter day at Aqua Spa in our sister property. If you do stay in the city, I would highly recommend Be Well Spa or Spirit Spa.

Something hand-made

Looking for something with even more of a personal touch? Try making the gift yourself. That’s right – with your own two hands! There are hundreds upon hundreds of DIY gift and card ideas on Pinterest. Browse through photos that walk you through step-by-step to create the perfect craft for mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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