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Are you on Pinterest yet? We are! Atlantica Hotels is proud to say we are now pinning with the best of them out there in ever-changing world of social media.

Why use Pinterest? Well, everyone uses it differently, but for us, the reasons are…

It’s taking the travel world by storm

The tourism industry on Pinterest is booming. Not only do most of the major hotel brands have Pinterest boards, but pinners all over the world are sharing their travel experiences through photos. A high majority of Pinterest users also have boards labeled something like “my dream vacations”, where they re-pin amazing photos from various locations, hotels, resorts and fantastic destinations. It really is helping to build the culture of travel in the social media world, and opening many people’s eyes to cities and regions they’d never even considered.

On top of travelers and hotels using it, destination marketing companies and tourism boards are getting a lot of traction from using Pinterest as a marketing tool. It is an easy way to share high-quality and interesting photos from their region or destination and have the travel enthusiasts on Pinterest to help make them go viral. A little effort can go a LONG way on Pinterest. If you have the right photo and enough people want to share it, it will be re-pinned like crazy!

It’s being used to plan weddings and events

Brides-to-be and event planners are some of the biggest pinners out there. There’s an abundance of wedding and event ideas right at your finger tips. Pinterest has made it easy by having categories – so you can look at pins from users all over the world in mere seconds. Everything from wedding dresses to hair styles to food shots can be found in abundance (and I’m talking millions) on Pinterest.

Now, we’ll be out there posting our best photos from fabulous events and weddings that Atlantica Hotels have hosted!

It’s great for fun contests

Speaking of destination marketing, and speaking of contests… Destination Halifax is currently running a Best of Halifax giveaway in which you can win five adventures, airfare and accommodations (at our beautiful property). Awesome!

Expect many more fun contests and partnerships with our Pinterest page and our great local organizations who work hard to promote Halifax and Nova Scotia.

Happy pinning!

About Laura Oakley - Social Media Team

Laura Oakley, Social Media, Marketing and Communications - I am excited and honoured to be representing my client Atlantica Hotels in the online space!
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