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Although we’ve had our share of lively nights filled with tourists, a busy harbour during Tall Ships, and extravagant shows on the waterfront for Buskers Festival – the generally quieter, hot summer days in Halifax are coming to a close. The traffic was light, people were on vacation, and the student population was back at their respective hometowns or job placements. 

But that’s all about to end! It’s that time of the year when Halifax turns back into a university town. From the big’uns like SMU and Dal, to the smaller MSVU, our art and design school NSCAD, various NSCC campuses, and not to mention all the private colleges – it’s fair to say from September to May, the students run this town!

We love back to school time at Atlantica Hotel Halifax. Not only do we get to host many parents coming to town to drop off their kids (ask about our university rates if you’re booking), we get to see the streets fill with people, experience Shinerama, witness frosh week activities – and enjoy tons of back to school specials on Quinpool Road!

I’ve been a student in Halifax, and here’s my top three reasons why it’s great to study and live in our city…

1. Taking Study Breaks at Beautiful Places

Get your nose out of the books and take a stroll around Point Pleasant Park, have a picnic on the commons – or just walk along our waterfront! If you’re lucky enough to have a car, head out to the beach or Peggy’s Cove.

2. Student Nights/Specials

The day-after-a-big-night-out-brunch is a student tradition! At Seasons by Atlantica we’re offering 15% off our new Sunday brunch menu when you show a valid student ID! And – get this – we’ve got EIGHT different kinds of Caesars, that are only $4 from 11am – 3pm every Sunday.

Along with our own specials, students in Halifax enjoy tons of discount nights at local pubs and restaurants, along with killer deals at the campus bars.

3. The huge, diverse student population

Once the students hit the streets – they’re everywhere. You can meet a photography major from NSCAD, a international business student from SMU or someone taking their masters in chemical engineering all in one night! There’s opportunity to make so many new friends during your time at university – some that will last a lifetime.

 My advice to the new students in Halifax: live it up!

 Happy Back to School!

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