Nocturne: Art at Night

Last year we were honoured to be involved with Nocturne: Art at Night as a venue and to be part of a musical art instalment by Lisa Lipton. This year, although our lounge won’t be becoming physical art again (which was really cool), we’re proud to be a huge supporter of this really important art event in our community.

We are on board as an official sponsor, and are happy to be offering discounted rates for those heading to Halifax to take in the art festival. (Call us if you are!) Don’t know what Nocturne is? Read on… and you’ll definitely want to head to downtown Halifax on Oct. 13 and make a night of it!

Nocturne is a city-wide, free nighttime art show in Halifax. For one magical evening, you can stroll the city and take in a variety of instalments, for free.

Our city becomes living art on this night – everything from light shows, music, videos, window instalments, sculptures, and even the buildings themselves become art. The streets bustle with excited people… it’s really a fun thing to be a part of.

To make your experience that much easier, there’s a Nocturne app available for your smart phone. Start making plans with your friends on which part of town you’ll cover and what instalments are the most intriguing!

Last year I roller discoed with zombies!

Is that enough to get your attention? You need to check it out!

Want to know a bit of the history behind nighttime art festivals? I covered that last year on the blog. Read it here.

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