Another January…

…another detox plan! But are these so-called miracle detoxes really as good as people say they are? I’ve done a bit of internet research, and here are some detox tips that I’ve come up with…

Be Realistic – don’t set yourself up to fail with an extreme diet or complete lifestyle change from the get-go. Make small changes and encourage yourself with goals that are achievable. Also, make an effort to ensure that just because you’re detoxing or participating in a winter cleanse doesn’t mean you can’t have a social life. There’s a great article here, about doing just that, and not alienating yourself from your friends.

Eat Super Foods & Antioxidants – Be sure to find ways to include foods with super strengths into your diet over the winter to get more bang for your buck. A few good examples are: clementines, kale, carrots, Brussels sprouts, grapefruits and parsnips. Luckily quite a few of those can be found at the local farmers’ market throughout the colder months! Quick tip: warm up with a daily green tea for a boost in antioxidants.

Exercise – A healthier diet and super foods are a great start, but to really take it to the next level, find a regular workout or activity that fits in your lifestyle (outdoor skating is a great one). Good workouts help to clean your internal organs and push toxins out of the body.

Treat Yourself – Know that a detox or a cleanse doesn’t mean giving up on indulgences forever. Find healthy ways to work them back into your diet – the key is moderation!

Remember to always talk to your doctor or naturopath for advice on cleanses, detoxes or diet changes!

Happy New Year!

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