The Benefits of Fresh Air

Now that it’s finally starting to feel spring-like in Halifax, I’m super excited to get outdoors, like everyone else. Lucky for us Halifax has many beautiful greenspaces, like the Common or Point Pleasant Park. Plus, we’re on the ocean!

What is it exactly about being in the open air that makes us feel so great? Well, as it turns out, a whole lot. The physical and mental benefits to getting fresh air are vast and important. Here are just a few that I found in my research…

More Energy

Inhaling fresh air generally allows you to breathe more effectively (deeper and longer), because it cleans your lungs. This means more oxygen gets to your brain, which, among other amazing things, gives you more energy.

Improve Your Brain Power

The other great thing about getting more oxygen to the brain is that it will work better. This means better thought clarity, better concentration and essentially… more brain power!

Less Stress

We all learned in elementary school how trees and plants take carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, which humans need to breathe. Turns out there is also a self-protective chemical that they give off as well, called phytoncides. This chemical is at the centre of some stress-reduction studies that have shown people who spend time walking in the forest versus in the city have both lower blood pressure, and lower amounts of the stress hormone cortisol.

Helps Digestion

One of the best things you can do after a big meal is take a walk around the block! The fresh air is a digestive aid and suggested to many people who are trying to lose weight.

Now get out there and enjoy it while you can!

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