Pin your way through Mother’s Day!

Oh, that Pinterest. It just has so many ideas for so many different occasions. Not feeling particularly inspired to think up an original Mother’s Day idea? On a budget? Wondering what’s new and trendy? Just visit Pinterest. Here are some ideas, categorized by the types of moms, that I’ve found…


Is mom the traditional type? Keep things classic with old favourites like beautiful flower arrangements, potted plants, gourmet chocolates (there are many local companies in Nova Scotia to choose from) or jewelry.

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Retail Junky

Maybe your mom’s a shopaholic – and she’d prefer a stylish fashion find on the special day. In that case, look for perfect Mother’s Day gifts like spring purses, scarves or sun/gardening hats. Be sure to visit one of Halifax’s many independent clothing shops for items just like these – and to find something unique, just like her.

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Most moms out there just want a gift that comes from the heart. If your mom would rather you put a little time and effort into her gift, instead of just spending money, consider a fun DIY project. Check out Pinterest daily for even more of these great ideas!

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If mom’s a foodie, you’ve got two options: make her an incredible Mother’s Day meal, or take her out for a decadent Sunday brunch. If you’re looking to do the latter – you should seriously check out the Mother’s Day offering at Seasons by Atlantica.

If you’re going to do the former – go all the way – and whip up something impressive (there are a ton of recipe ideas on Pinterest).

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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