Back-to-School Money Saving Tips

Wow – the end of the summer really creeped up on us. It’s already late August? When did that happen? If you have kids, or university-aged young adults, gearing up for back-to-school, it’s probably turning into a hard time of the year for your wallet.

According to recent news articles, spending in Canada is expected to climb – the average per-child cost is estimated at a whopping $428. There are some ways you can keep a few more dollars in your purse around back-to-school time… my own internet research has unearthed some fantastic money-saving tips, that I’m about to share with you:

Don’t Give into Trends Early

Sure, the kids may want a certain colour, pattern, boy band or other theme early in the summer – but by late August, the trends could have already changed. Save the headache and double purchases by holding off on trendy products until closer to September.

Check the Flyers Regulary

There are always staple products that kids need: looseleaf, binders, pencils, etc. Be sure to read flyers, track sales and shop around to get the best deal on these items.

Look for it Used

Hit up websites like Kijiji, read the classifieds, or even form a group with other parents for buying and trading. There are also a ton of good finds at stores like Value Village and in our region, Frenchy’s.

Have a Good List, Stick to it

You have a list for a reason. With so many purchases to make, don’t be talked into anything needless. Be well-organized and get an accurate list from the school or school’s website.

Don’t Stray from Your Budget (and Spread it Out)

Early on, when you form the list, get an idea of what you can spend on each item and create the budget. Be strict, and keep track of what you’ve spent. Spread out some of the spending on staple items throughout the summer (as you find sales, and also used items) so that you’re not dropping all the cash at one time. If you do find some great deals and second-hand products, your budget may allow a little splurge near the end of the summer! This is your reward for being so frugal!

…and of Course. Travel Well!

Should you be traveling to drop off your university-aged kids, make sure to seek out back-to-school rates and packages. Look for those that offer extras, like ours, which includes a deluxe continental breakfast each morning. Check out our rate here, using the booking code BACK.



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