At the Table… with Executive Chef Luis Clavel (First Edition)


Are you interested in having an elevated dining experience, surrounded by others who are   also intrigued by amazing food and presentation? Whether you’re a long-time foodie or just getting into the scene, our executive chef Luis Clavel has created his once-a-month fine dining club for people like you; people who want to make the time about once a month to treat themselves to an incredible meal, and experience something new.

At the Table with Executive Chef Luis Clavel, at Seasons by Atlantica, offers just that: something new, every month. Let Luis take you on a culinary adventure, opening your mind to unique ways to view and taste food. You’ll be glad you did.

The first edition of this event is happening on September 27th. Advanced reservations are needed. Here’s what is on the menu for the first At the Table.

“Gluten Free Dining”


Ravioli of Chicken Leg

Pork Belly in Sarsaparilla

Chicken Truffle Jus

Homemade Ricotta

58⁰C Egg

Pine Nut Basil Purée



Green Apple Explosion

Raspberry Consommé



A Study of Short Loin of Beef

Sous Vide Kansas Steak

Portabella Sausage with a Cheddar Center

Yam Fondant

Pan Fried Pumpernickel

Red Wine Gel



Chocolate Sampler

Chocolate Genoise

Double Chocolate Tablet

Hibiscus White Chocolate Ice Cream

Dulce De Leche

Vanilla Powder

Dehydrated Chocolate Mouse

Milk Chocolate Pudding


$65 per person (taxes and gratuity not included)

Call for reservations: (902) 490.3366

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