The Best Things about Thanksgiving

Here is Canada it’s almost time for Thanksgiving weekend — a wonderful holiday that kicks off the festive feeling, leading us into crisp mornings, cold nights, beautiful fall leaves and pumpkin everywhere.

What’s so great about Thanksgiving? Here are my top four things about this holiday…

1. Family and Friends

Spending time with family and friends, an extra day off school or work, what’s not to love? Relaxing with the people who matter most, catching up and having some laughs, is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of Thanksgiving.

2. Decorating

Admit it, when pumpkins and gourds first come into season, you’re a little excited… right? Working with seasonal items (I like to pick them up from the farmers’ market) to create fun decor for the Thanksgiving table is all part of the festivities. Need a little extra inspiration? Check out Pinterest!

3. Counting Your Blessings

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving should be as literal as it’s name… but taking the time to really think about what you’re truly thankful for, or even sharing out loud with your friends and family, is wonderfully up-lifting. Try going around the table, or creating place cards for guests with spaces to write down what they feel thankful about.

4. Food

Whether you indulge in a classic turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, or you’ve adapted the holiday to include your own culinary traditions, sitting down to a big meal with the people you love is undeniably satisfying. And of course, pie. Who doesn’t love pie?

Thanksgiving Tip: Looking for an easy dinner with friends and family? Try our turkeys-to-go! Dinner includes: Homemade tea biscuits and butter, house salad with selection of two dressings, roasted turkey with homestyle gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, buttered seasonal vegetable and a delicious dessert.

 10lb Turkey (Serves 6)         $210.00 per package plus tax

20lb Turkey (Serves 12)       $295.00 per package plus tax

Orders should be placed a minimum of 3 days prior to date required

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