A look at spring 2014 wedding trends


It feels like I’m often starting off these blog posts with “despite the weather,” but, despite the weather, it’s SPRING and that means… wedding season! Let’s talk about predicted trends, what the experts are saying and what our clients are loving, in the realm of wedding planning this season!

What the Experts See Coming


“Old World Glam” is sweeping both wedding ceremonies and receptions in 2014. Think of The Great Gatsby — diamonds, chandeliers, white glove service — the whole deal. A bit extravagant, but very fun and romantic!

Take one look at Pinterest and it’s easy to see dreamy, feminine romance is back. Beautiful soft pinks, lots of tulle, lace, and even the flowers are more romantic. Think peonies!

Found on weddingwhims.tumblr.com

Freehand illustration on invitations. Spending a little extra money, or having a talented friend or family member help design an extra special hand-drawn illustration on your invitation could keep you on top of the trends this spring or summer.

In the world of food… it’s all about a more casual, family-style meal at the table. What a fantastic concept to bring people together and truly make two families into one!

Our Favourite Trends


Our resident wedding expert, Kristy Power, says her clients are enjoying the on-going mason jar trend, as well as jumping on board with vintage themes. “D.I.Y. is crazy popular,” says Kristy. We can probably thank Pinterest for that!

“Unique guest book ideas are big,” Kristy says, “I have seen Jenga pieces or blank puzzle pieces being used! Couples are making their weddings less traditional and more fun for their guests, by using games and photo booths.

Apparently, the groom’s cake is making a comeback!



Sources: Huffingtonpost.com and Pinterest.com. Planning your wedding? Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for special wedding offers. 

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