June 2015 Events Round-up

source: multifest.ca

There’s a LOT happening in Halifax over the month of June, the official start to our summer! Nova Scotia hosts a heavy festival and events season over the summer, understandably, and it all really starts to take off in June. Here’s a glance at events happening near us:

FIVB World League Volleyball is coming to the Scotiabank Centre (June 5-6th, 2015) where you can watch the Canadian men’s team take on Argentina. As part of the international FIVB men’s and women’s volleyball competition, this is a unique experience in Halifax.

Mark your calendar for Doors Open Halifax (June 6-7, 2015) the only weekend where you can enter buildings in HRM with historic or contemporary architectural significance that normally aren’t accessible to the public! A great cultural event and fantastic way to learn more about Halifax’s history and architectural influences, new and old.

Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival, or MultiFest (June 26-28), is always a fantastic family event, with generous children’s programming, delicious ethnic food and great entertainment. This year the festival will offer an event in Dartmouth, a health and wellness series and the Multifest parade, in addition to the feature festival weekend at the Halifax Seaport.

Don’t forget… the Nova Scotia Open (Web.com Tour) kicks off on June 29… check back for our July event highlights for more information on this!

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Culinary 101: Latin American Food Experience

Luis - Gold Medal Plates-5

The next edition of executive chef Luis Clavel’s highly successful series of cooking classes, Culinary 101, is coming back on April 25 with a very special surprise. Chef will be joined by his absolute favourite chef in Halifax: Maria Ramos, his mom!

Perfect timing to ramp up for Mother’s Day! Don’t miss your chance to learn to cook from a member of Culinary Team Canada, and one of the best chefs in the country. This is a unique opportunity to see chef in action with the woman who influenced his love of great food. Chef and his mom will be creating the Latin American Food Experience.

As always, any skill level is welcome!


  • Arroz con Gandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas) Puerto Rico/Latin Caribbean
  • Pupusas (cheese and sour cream stuffed tortillas) -  El Salvador/Latin Central American
  • Tamales – steamed masa dumpling with pork, olive and raisins – Mexico/Latin North American
  • Flan de leche – coconut flavored crème caramel – Colombia/Latin South American

Saturday April 25, 3-5pm

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! 

$25 per person plus applicable taxes

For reservations or inquiries please call 902.490.3366 or email jkline@atlanticahalifax.com

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Events Roundup: Spring 2015


What Halifax looks like in the spring. In case you forgot.


The extended winter season in Halifax may have you forgetting that there are a number of fantastic spring (and summer) events lined up, just around the corner. While we’re all waiting for that snow to melt, make plans to get out of the house and enjoy a fantastic event in Halifax in this season.

Halifax Comedy Fest

Celebrating it’s 20th year, the funniest festival in Halifax is bigger than ever, with several downtown venues and some very big names in comedy. A couple headliners include Harland Williams, Caroline Rhea, and Mark Critch, just to name a few. This year there will also be a lunchtime show at the Halifax Central Library! It’s all happening April 22-25, check out all the details here.

Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week

The Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia, working with partner Local Connections Halifax, have put together the first annual, week-long festival celebrating local craft beer, May 8-17. With events all over the city at various pubs and restaurants, along with the flagship festival happening just down the road from us at Olympic Community Centre, this is a great reason to be in Halifax over Victoria Day long weekend this May. More details here.

East Coast Guitar Festival

Add another cool event to the growing list of reasons to visit Halifax this spring. The first ever East Coast Guitar Fest, an all-ages, three-day show happening at the Cunard Centre April 24-26. The event is a combination of large evening concerts, a daytime trade show, and other special events. Whether you’re a music lover, guitar collector, or musician, it sounds like there’s something for everyone. Read more about it here.

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Our Amazing Easter Brunch


You’ve worked hard shovelling snow all winter long, and now spring is (kind of) finally here! Take a break with the family and head out for Easter Brunch this year. Our amazing brunch buffet has something for absolutely everyone.

~Easter Brunch 2015~

Sunday, April 5 11am until 1:30pm

Selections of bread rolls, loafs and crackers

Whipped butter


Seafood chowder

Grilled romaine salad, sourdough croutons, lardons and garlic dressing

Dried fruit Waldorf salad- soft quinoa, toasted savoury granola

Pork and chicken dumpling salad, shiitake and sesame mayonnaise

Portabella mushroom and asparagus salad with balsamic glaze

Focaccia salad with feta, roasted tomatoes, olive vinaigrette


Selection of domestic and international cheeses

Maritime seafood platter with marinated mussels and smoked salmon, seafood Cajun salad, and pickled fish

Charcuterie platter – selection of condiments and pickles

Atlantica sushi experience

Early day

Sweet potato and raisin breakfast sautéed

Linked Italian sausage

Peppercorn-crusted bacon

Huevos rancheros

Cracked pot beans and molasses

Crispy cinnamon toast with maple cream

Mangolicious smoothie


Smoked brisket Kentucky style – bourbon BBQ sauce


Chicken spanakopita – asiago, roasted red pepper- basil sour cream sauce

Thai style peanut braised shrimp finished with cilantro and lime

In house smoked double pork chops with maple gastrique

Wild mushroom gnocchi – brown butter finish

Vegetable of the day


Peanut caramel cheese cake,
Award-winning Bavarian cake
Italian cookies and macaroons
Seasonal fruit with mango fondue
Double crème brulée,
Upside down panna cotta,
Mousse verrines
Chocolate extravaganza, mini gourmet pies, chocolate soup with toasted brownies
Nitrogen ice cream- various garnishes

Hot Dessert: white chocolate bread pudding and traditional apple crisp with Chantilly cream

$55.95 per person

Taxes and gratuities not included

For reservations please call 902.490.3331 or email jkline@atlanticahalifax.com

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Kids’ Cooking Challenge

Photo at Seasons by Atlantica, by Taste of NS on Twitter.

As part of our super fun March Break Junior Chefs Package, there have been a few kids’ cooking classes here at the hotel, taught by our executive chef Luis Clavel. We’ve opened up registration to any child that wants to participate, and we’ve got one class left: March 21 from 2-5pm. The cost is $25 plus taxes and are ideal for children ages 8-13!

Keeping in the spirit of teaching kids the joys of cooking and fostering a curiosity for what real ingredients look like and how to use them, we want to share a guest blog post today. This guideline for setting up a kids’ “black box” cooking challenge was put together by Luis’ wife Jackie Clavel.

Kids’ Black Box Cooking

We started playing “Black Box Cooking” because my child was interested in what her Daddy did when he was not home.  My husband is an executive chef who works long hours and competes in competitions all over the world.  This activity gives your child time to be creative, learn a little about a trade and gives you quality time together.  Black Box cooking competitions are real and can be very challenging even for the best chefs.

In this activity your child will be given multiple edible items and dishes to create their own mouthwatering dish for you to taste and judge.  Remember when it is all said and done you will have to take at least one bite of the creation to show your support and encouragement. Choose your items carefully!

Required Materials: Whatever food and dishes you decide are adequate for your child to use unsupervised.  

Time for activity: This activity should only take about five minutes for the parents to prepare and about 15 -30 minutes for the child depending on their age and what ingredients they have.

Location: This activity would normally take place in your kitchen as everything you need is already there.

How To:

Clear the table; gather your ingredients and join us in a step by step on how to create a black box cooking experience for your child.

Step 1: Gather your equipment and ingredients

 In this step the parent(s) selects the ingredients and dishes that they wish the child to use.  When we play this game at home we change the ingredients every time to make it interesting.  It is often fun to include items from your own garden if you have one as it brings a different element into the activity.  For this particular Black Box we used the following ingredients:


  • Corn Flakes
  • Pistachios
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Blueberry Greek Yogurt
  • Canadian Maple Syrup
  • Cinnamon
  • Fresh peaches and blueberries recently picked on an outing
  • Mango
  • A saucer and spoon for displaying the creation along with a napkin for clean-up.

Step 2: Collect the chef and introduce them to the ingredients

At this stage it is fun to let your child dress-up for the part if they wish.  When introducing them to the ingredients let them tell you what they are.  You can even ask them if they know where that food comes from or how it grows.

Step 3: The chef begins to create

It is nice to give the child some space at this point.  Find something to do while your child is having fun creating a wonderful dish for you to try.  The only rule is safety comes first.  If you want, you can change it up and tell them the goal is to use all the ingredients in the one dish.

Step 4: The masterpiece is completed

When your child is done their creation they will be very excited to show you what they have created.

Step 5: The parent(s) get to judge the food

It is fun to pretend you are a real food judge in a competition.  Ask your child to describe what they have created.  Then taste in small bites, savor the flavor, and give feedback.  If your child is anything like mine, they will want to sample the creation also.                                               

Final Thoughts:

Black Box started as a way for my husband and daughter to spend time together and teach her about what he does for a living.  It is now helping her learn about different foods, how they grow, and helping her experience different ingredients.  Whether or not you have a professional chef in the house; this is a great activity for any child if they love to learn and be creative.  Why not help them do that and learn some life skills at the same time.  Please tell us what great creations your children come up with.  After your first Black Box experience please post your pictures so we can all see what your child has created.

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