Government Travel

Government Employees traveling on government business must carry their government ID card with them as they may be requested to present government ID upon check-in. Employees may also be requested to provide written proof that they're traveling on official government business.

Some suppliers have agreed to extend their government rates to cost reimbursable contractors, consultants or advisors working under contract to an Identified User and traveling on official government business in performance of that contract. Identified users are advised to provide cost reimbursable contractors, consultants or advisors with a letter, specifying the duration of their contract or specifying that they're on travel status on behalf of the government and their destination.

Unless such identification is provided, employees/travelers may not be eligible to receive government rates listed in the directory.

The individual making the reservations directly with an establishment shall clearly indicate that the accommodation is for a Government of Canada employee traveling on government business (give name of department and branch), the room category desired and request the government rate